Gang Prevention Unit located and arrested Jesiah Wade, 22 of Manchester, New … of crack cocaine underneath the passenger seat, so Wade was additionally …

556 yards?


zz Jesiah wade




Three Memories From Korea

Thoughts on Korea… 3

1) They owned a sandwich kiosk and the female half of the couple was always visibly depressed, i sadly once kind of ruined a wedding album owing to severe undiagnosed depression and she may have been lower than I was. This woman did not want to be making sandwiches at the little kiosk on the side street.

2) The old fellow at the bank. He may have once played a larger role, but he was now relegated to handing out pens, pencils, calendars, and such. You bet he wasn’t sitting down.

3) The aging daughter sitting next to her father behind the pharmacy counter.It is rare for women to be married after a certain age in ROK.

I do have time. I should try and jog my memory.

I Can’t Believe how Pathetic It Gets…..

There are people around in the current residence and it isn’t too bad, aesthetically as far as building is concerned, on most days.

Yet the whole of us, otherwise, imbibed in the kitchen area tonight. The half gallon of Premiere Vodka is missing and I thought I drank rotgut in my day. I poured a pinch of such into  my beer not long ago.

Matters have died down in the kitchen and the building itself, a quiver heard now from down the hall and away.


Suggestion and Editing Otherwise

I have done light editing on the novel and the good thing, the great thing, is killing the cringe worthy lines. Everybody’s a tool to some extent and some of the lines I’ve seen punch me in the gut.

Virginia Woolf offered that male authors lack suggestion. I am keeping this in mind. This may have made the Literary Theory class worth the money.

This 2nd look isn’t easy.

Summary of Recent Past, Mostly On Building

The new building is alright and you do pick up things that you wouldn’t elsewhere. I was sick for a few days last week.

Some dwelling within drink all day and people sometimes smoke pot on the front steps, openly as it is just a civil ordinance here.

The cops do not frequent the building. They are called on occasion however and I’m actually surprised that they aren’t called more. This thirty something Black or Carib guy downstairs goes on benders and screams at people. He drinks straight from the pint and when he openly smokes marijuana on the steps, he brings his pipe out and everything else, he has the music going and he gets loaded and he’ll start screaming. He is not so moderate.

I don’t know most of the people who live here, but it is generally clean enough and the rent is fair enough. It isn’t very nice and you can definitely see potential peril, but I may just take a seasonal job and leave anyways.


What would you fucking expect?

Maine is down 28-0 at the half . You’d hope the half ending interception would aid the Bears, but they are in a national semifinal and miscues. I hope I miss an epic comeback, but I am most happy with the twelve dollar bar tab.

I was a week early. Maine wasn’t supposed to beat Weber and hopefully a comeback but when you move the ball and you can’t capitalize…………………. Turnovers.